As soon as you speak of health issues caused by cell phones we will all start thinking about keeping it next to us at night and the brain being affected by the electromagnetic waves of the device. However did you know that there are also other health issues that ca be caused through different means while using a smart phone? There are several of them that are really common in the world today given that the usage of mobile devices is now ubiquitous. Here are some of these health issues that could affect us.

They can cause anxiety

How many times a day do you check your mobile? The notifications that now pop up on all of the social media and messaging app that are installed in mobiles cause a great deal of alertness along with anxiety. There is always one more message to rely to and one more notification to like. You will also think about things like the number of likes and comments on your recent upload and if or not people are following you. From the moment that you insert the buy sim card in Hong Kong into your smart phone, it is a constant battle to keep ahead in the world of internet and this can cause a significant amount of anxiety.

Joint and muscle aches and pains

The fact that while you are using your very effective sim card in Europe you unintentionally ted to tense up the back region along with your shoulders and arms and put strain on your thumbs and wrists is one way in which this happens even though a lot of us do not register this or link our aches and pains to the incorrect posture assumed while using a cell phone. For some people, these aches and pains quickly go on to become injuries that will cause them chronic pain for the rest of their lives. Therefore, the wise thing to do would be to limit the amount of time that you spend on the phone and invest that time in exercising which is really beneficial to you. 

Insomnia or the inability to fall asleep

Most of us today, take our mobile phones with us to the bed and scroll through the many aps on it until we fall asleep. In other words we treat our cell phones the same way that we treat our books hoping that it will help put us to sleep. But the truth is that all of the activity online and the alerts keep us awake and the hours pass by without you knowing it. The brain gets all active and will not be able to put you to sleep. Keep the mobile away for at least an hour before you prepare for bed and enjoy some genuinely relaxing activities with your loved ones.

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